Security is what we do and what drives us

Secure identities and data establish trust in the digital society.

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With our technologies and services ‘Made in Germany’, we can protect your identity and your data and enable secure identification of all parties. This creates trust in the analog and digital world.

Secure identities are the core expertise of Bundesdruckerei GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. Our innovative solutions are rooted in the secure identification of citizens, customers, employees and systems in both the analog and digital world. That’s how we create trust and legal certainty.

Dr. Stefan Hofschen
Dr. Stefan Hofschen
Executive Director
Christian Helfrich
Christian Helfrich

Innovation rooted in tradition: For more than 250 years, Bundesdruckerei has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Our products and solutions ‘Made in Germany’ protect identities and data, enabling us to create trust in both the analog and digital world.

Solutions and products

Solutions and products

We develop solutions and products for secure digitalization.

Identity management
Identity management

Use our web-based services, terminals or solutions to digitalize your ID processes.

Data management
Data management

Share, store and synchronize your data online with our solutions ‘Made in Germany’.

Passport and ID card systems
Passport and ID card systems

Be it passports, ID cards or driving licences, we produce forgery-proof documents and so much more.

Wert- und Sicherheitsdruck
Security printing

Banknotes, revenue stamps, postage stamps – forgery-proof products printed on behalf of the government.

A tradition of innovation

Innovation is both a challenge and a driving force – a fact demonstrated by our 4,500 national and international patents. We have always taken the road forward in order to protect identities and identify our customers future needs. For more than 250 years, we have ensured the secure production of banknotes, ID documents, passports and securities, also producing the systems and equipment needed to protect all of this.

For us, innovation is more than just a word. Bundesdruckerei has its very own innovation department with experts from Industry 4.0, identity management and many other areas. An interdisciplinary team works on solutions for the digital society, developing new technologies for tomorrow.

More than 250 years of expertise in creating security for tomorrow

  1. 1800
    Passport documents

    Around 1800, the Court Printing Office – a predecessor to Bundesdruckerei – starts to produce printed forms as passes in Prussia.

  2. Late 19th century
    Steel engraving

    Reichsdruckerei is one of only a few printing houses worldwide to use steel engraving. This innovative technology offers outstanding counterfeit protection.

  3. 1970-1980

    Bundesdruckerei is particularly quick to introduce this new technology. This innovative process makes typesetting much faster.

  4. 1987
    New ID cards

    Beginning 1987, Bundesdruckerei starts producing new ID cards, which are now produced centrally for the first time. This called for the introduction of electronic data capture and the purchase of new machines.

  5. 2001

    One of the most important and innovative security features of ID documents is Identigram® which was developed by Bundesdruckerei. It features a structure that enables both visual checking and automated authenticity verification of the ID card.

  6. 2005 to 2011
    Innovative ID documents for Germany

    Bundesdruckerei introduces new ID documents: the electronic passport (2005), the ID card with an online ID function (2010) and the electronic residence permit (2011). All of these cards come with innovative, particularly forgery-proof features and an electronic chip.

  7. 2008
    Innovative personalization process

    Bundesdruckerei develops the Innosec ® Fusion colour personalization process. With Innosec ® Fusion, the passport photo is displayed in colour and securely integrated into the card material.

  8. 2009
    Automated border control

    Bundesdruckerei presents easyPASS – an innovative border control system. Semi-automated and fully automated checking processes at eGates help to make border controls effective and reduce waiting times.

  9. 2010
    Fragrant stamps

    Bundesdruckerei produces Germany’s first scented stamps. The fragrance is applied to the stamp in microscopic capsules.

  10. 2017
    Secure cloud storage ‘Made in Germany’

    Bdrive, Bundesdruckerei's cloud solution, features innovative security technology. Data is encrypted at the client end, fragmented and stored decentrally on several German servers.

    New passport generation/ID MiniFab

    Bundesdruckerei presents a new passport generation: Fitted with state-of-the-art security features, the new passport is considered to be one of the most forgery-proof passports in the world – and the passport booklet is produced in a fully automated process in the innovative ID MiniFab developed by Bundesdruckerei.

  11. 2018
    OPTIMOS 2.0

    In the OPTIMOS 2.0 project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Bundesdruckerei and its partners are designing an infrastructure for secure identities on smartphones, for example, to bring the ID card to the smartphone as a mobile means of identity.

  12. 2019
    Research collaboration with CERN

    Bundesdruckerei and the European nuclear research centre CERN have joined forces to develop future identity concepts and cryptography. The work here explores links between quantum physics, identities and trust.

Innovation projects

Innovation projects

The experts working at Bundesdruckerei’s innovation department conduct research into new topic for a secure digital society.


The Optimos project focuses on the secure storage of application-specific data on smartphones so that this data can be used for secure digital services.

Smart Production
Smart Production

Efficient production is so much more than just fine-tuning machines and processes. Fluctuations in material quality often hinder standard processes in production. Our smart factory approach covers the entire production process.

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Latest news

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A career at Bundesdruckerei

A career at Bundesdruckerei

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